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Just found this nice short on the web and thought you might like ;D The ending is the best!

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I GRADUATED SOBS by raintalker
On June 1rst I managed to close up a huuuuuuge page in my book of life....
I want to thank you all for being supportive and giving me courage when I was sobbing in my lame journal entries - you helped me more than you think :heart: So THANK YOU ALL!!!
I just wanted to say a big big humongous huge THANK YOU for everyone who was so kind and supportive toward me :heart:

I managed to finish the movie in time and although it might not live up to high standards of the industry, I am really proud that I was actually able to finish it. I went through a lot these years and had quite the health-problems joining the fun.
I am sorry for neglecting this site so much, it seems as if I was always escaping from my self and chasing my other, unknown self while establishing new and new blogs..... Maybe you know the feeling? It seems that this site ended up being Portal-centric, but maybe that's good. I definitely did not give up on finishing the comic but now I am standing on another crossroad as to where to go next in my life. For now, I need to get the degree and go see doctors - to check my eyes, immune system and other stuff that I really neglected for too long. Based on results I will decide what to do next.

I might clean up the gallery and move some arts into another account to create a portfolio, since I never did anything of the likes. I also made a second blog on tumblr to create exactly that .... but then, my e-mail provider shut down my e-mail adress, because I didn't use it often enough. With that, I am not able to log into that blog...ever as new as it was, it will forever stay frozen in time (till maybe tumblr it self gets rid of it).

You can find three (very very random) excerpts from the Balloon Girl movie, since I am prohibited to upload the whole thing (for now).
Just follow the links:

If anyone interested, the PTF site is and
The tumblr blog serves only for posting, so I probably refrain from reblogging there. The more active fun blog is still

Take care and I hope you like! ♥
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Just wanted to let you know that even though it seems I abandoned this account completely, it's not true :) Those who follow me on tumblr have probably gotten sick of my posts for the past month, since it turned into a Naruto-hellpit......

To clarify this more - I followed the series for 12 years only to get utterly shattered with the end and with the retcons and miserable explanations that were supposed to cover the whole disaster. I won't say any more because this is not the proper account for this kind of thing but I surely want to apologize to those who had to endure that hell on tumblr...and thank those who kept following me there even after it.
I focused too much on the other devart account I have because Naruto ended...and the impact was so strong..., so please, forgive me. I also had a lot of work with the movie (and will have), but I haven't fogotten about CatRat at all :)

Graduand movie news>>>…

I have only three months left to finish my graduand movie, the whole thing is now twelve minutes long! I have 99 percent of the animation done, outlined, colored.... But I still don't have any proper backgrounds, nor the audio/music. Hopefully it'll work out somehow during these two months...I am terribly scared... :(

It's ironic that during these three years I faced my weaknessess and I had to keep going even though I had a crushing depression about my worth as a filmmaker. I'm not a very assertive person, I have tons of issues and I know that I'm not the best of best.... For some reason I always carried this thought that if I am not the best of the best then I must probably be of no worth at all.....
How wrong is that? I keep telling my friends how precious they are, I keep admiring people who aren't on the top list yet, have enough enthusiasm and passion to work hard on things they love..... I keep preaching about being positive...while drowning in my own negativity...but that's how it goes. I am sure everyone wants to see their friends and loved ones happy so they just endure and try to make them smile even though they feel like trash them selves.

It was so hard to keep working on the thing while being 100 percently sure that I am garbage. Seriously.... I felt like garbage, things that happened around me made me feel like garbage and it just kept getting worse. Yet...... I loved the characters and the work so much.... I love it so much..... I really do hope this movie will get to be properly born and screened on a festival somewhere... I really hope. Wish me luck, please, send your prayers.... I'll be needing them more than ever in the upcomming months :iconcryforeverplz: T__T I was able to come this far thanks to the support of my family and to the support of my friend ( :iconmikaisakura: ♥) ....she made me fall in love with the movie over again and made me open my eyes a bit more to my self-worth and the worth of the movie as well. It's not technically on high-level, nor I have a supergreat style.... But accepting it and embracing this as something that I worked hard for, even though it's far from perfect, is something that helped me to move forward in small steps... . Thank you very much, it means a lot to me.)

For anyone interested to see gorgeous fanarts to the thing and some screenshots  (that are a bit outdated now), browse the tag balloon girl or baloon girl on my tumblr page ( It's not much but I'll make sure to upload something nice to this acount too.

I wish you a Happy to-come Holiday :xmas: :rudolph: :snowflake:
Enjoy it to the fullest!!!

I wish there was snow here :( *sigh*


Standing up again...

good art
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Favourite genre of music: instrumental, rock, pop, J-pop/rock, anything with a good vibe and soul
Favourite style of art: cartoonish, anime-ish, art noveau, steampunk, cyberpunk, traditional
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: WAHAAY too many :D
Personal Quote: Never stop trying, you never know when your time comes to succeed
Just found this nice short on the web and thought you might like ;D The ending is the best!

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KitsuneMangaka Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
a long while ago, when we did an art trade, I promised much more art from my end. Now that I'm a bit more confident in my ability to draw, expect some fan art (an stuff along those lines) soon~

and also, congratulations on finishing Balloon Girl! Is it weird that I'm extremely proud of you...? Like, I haven't actually met you... outside of our art trade well I suppose that's just what happens when someone you look up to has accomplished something wonderful...oh goodness I really hope I'm not sounding like a total creeper right now (((( ;°Д°)))) 
raintalker Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
TT/////////TT Girl, thank you for all the love and kindness!! :hug:
You seem like a pretty cute, honest and awesome person, so no creepiness in that to me ;D I am a shy person so I might look like a big mouth on the net while being actually pretty introvert-esque. So knowing me on the internet is like knowink a side to me that I mostly don't show irl... Not many friends know about this DA site, so you actually know much more details about me than most people - in a way (because art says a lot and sometimes I am able to say some things only through pictures).
Don't feel pressured to draw, I also still haven't finished your giftart (still needs grey shades) so look forward to that. Take care and I am happy you like my art!
KitsuneMangaka Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
(≧∇≦*) T...Thank you! And I'm kind of the same way (though not a lot of my art has any meaning... its just stuff... I envy you for your creative mind!) And  Ifeel truly honored to be able to talk to you and stuff. Seriously, your art is something that can make bad days into happy ones.

0-0 art?!??! I kind of just fell out of my chair oh my goodness gravy thank you so much!!! I mean wow! Just... I have no words! Thank you so much!!!
Jaywing47 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations on finishing Balloon Girl! :D I've been a big fan of your art for a long time, and finally hearing the news that your project is complete just gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Even though I've never really talked to you, I'm really proud of your progress as an artist. ^^ Congrats!
raintalker Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
:heart: That's sweet, thank you very much!!! ;//////; Seriously, thank you! I wish you the best of luck in whatever you want to accomplish!!
epictoothpaste Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know of any good protel (portal) fanfictions?
raintalker Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
Not recently, but if you have a tumblr account I am sure you'd find many helpful links there in the appropriate tag :) Out of the fire was amazing but didn't get nowhere near the actual conclusion....I think it's been deleted since. I stopped reading FF from that point on.
epictoothpaste Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
aziria Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Professional General Artist
gunna grab the sun >>
raintalker Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
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